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  Preparing to use the PATSy system
Wednesday February 3rd 2016 - PATSy end of life - PATSy will be shut down today. Many thanks to all our contributors and users over the years for your support.
Read the System requirements to make sure you will be able to use the system.
Please note your acceptance of the terms of use and conditions related to confidentiality will be required before proceeding with PATSy.
If you are a student and have been issued a username and password for self-registration, register here.
Choose a PATSy domain (from above) to view information about each domain site though a password from your local administrator is required for viewing actual patient data.
  Further Information about the PATSy project
Read this first (Background information, using PATSy, etc)
PATSy vicarious learning project funded under ESRC TLRP Phase III
Walk-through of PATSy Speech and Language (no password required)
All PATSy data is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any format.

This site is hosted by The University of Edinburgh, UK and administered by PATSy Management Ltd, (registered in Scotland SC427344). Please email with any problems or comments.